Invigorate 'News' with BrandIdea

News. It is the raison de 'etre for a news channel's existence, and you are constantly exploring newer methods and devices to make the 'News' more watchable, understandable and expressive. That's exactly what BrandIdea can help achieve.

BrandIdea's Data Visualization is layered on a mapping framework and is just ideal for powerful and easily understandable topography-related displays - especially for Election News. With interactive and intuitive interface for drill-downs, exploded views and projections - superimposed on a rich mapping framework - it is ideal for aggregated and isolated views across election geographies, right down to a Rural Constituency or a Ward Councilor Election in a Municipality.

Critically, BrandIdea Analytics comes to you with built-in, rich relevant data which, when combined with the coverage that you share with your viewers on any specific issue or geography, will lead to many meaningful and pithy interpretations.

Our Analytics Repertoire

  • Segmentation by Vote Banks, Caste, Community & Occupation
  • Precise Diagnostics, post Results
  • Aggregation & dis-aggregation of Issues for Forecasting
  • Economic & Social Analytics for Content creation
  • Trends at every Geo-level
  • Segmentation by Media Consumption
  • Viewer profiling