"Brand and sales managers at CPG companies live and breathe market share data, and even a 0.5% gain is closely monitored. BrandIdea's offerings can play an important role in gaining market share. “says Gartner
Select extracts from Gartner Cool Vendor Report, 2013

Why Cool: BrandIdea has built an industry analytical service of 400 sourced datasets. Using modern statistical modeling techniques, it has been able to create missing datasets that can be used by marketers for activities such as market reach improvement, rural expansion and distribution management by integrating it with the company’s internal primary and secondary sales data. The vendor has sourced consumer demographic information over a three-year period across 7 lakh villages and 5,600 towns in India. Apart from the industry analytical service, the software as a service (Saas)-based platform provides standard business intelligence (BI) platform capabilities for reporting, querying and spatial analytics.

This vendor follows a two-pronged strategy to grow its business. First, recognizing the need of companies to expand into emerging markets, it has started data enrichment initiatives in Indonesia and Malaysia. Second, it has built more vertical-specific analytical solutions targeted at consumer durables, building materials and agriculture.

Plans include launching 15 vertical-specific applications that will cater to mid-sized Indian companies. The platform also provides the ability to import internal distribution system data or from external.