With a less-than-perfect Supply-side infrastructure, cheap imports and further compounded by discounting e-commerce sites, there can never be a better time to invest in Analytics that can optimize scarce resources:

  • Low product penetration, especially in smaller Towns and Rural, present a tremendous opportunity for tapping unmet demand through better retail coverage, optimal pricing and product-mix.
  • Distinctly high growth in organized retail can be leveraged with Neighbourhood Sales Analytics to drive footfalls and sales.
  • India’s maturing and booming urban consumers now perceive consumer durables as lifestyle products and are open to pay increased prices for better value; consumer segmentation, therefore, can lead to focused effort on such discerning buyers.
  • Easier financing options means that consumers will find it easier to upgrade / replace; opening up new markets for even higher priced offerings.
  • Optimizing distribution to meet the opportunities in new markets / new customer segments, specially rural distribution
  • Identify segments to cross-sell/up-sell, in highly urbanized centers.

Our Analytics Repertoire

  • Market Potential Estimation
  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer Segmentation
    (demographics, lifestyle & psychographics)
  • Optimizing Distribution
  • Retail Coverage
  • Sales Force Efficiency
  • Personas
  • Trends