The Indian agri-business industry is characterized by infrastructure shortages, an under-developed process industry, series of recent de-regulations and a renewed focus on research to evolve a more professional approach from ‘farm to fork’. While doing so, some of the key marketing related issues that need to be addressed are:

  • Segmentation of markets based on crops grown / pricing / farm size / lease terms
  • Identifying & assessment of all the stakeholders on the supply side – farmer, village commission agent, district commission agent, wholesaler, sub-wholesaler, retailer
  • Optimizing storage and warehousing locations
  • Optimize mechanization – spread of farms vs farm yield
  • Classifying markets based on degree of progressiveness, especially infrastructure
  • Streamlining the marketing chain – cold storage, distribution – to ensure ‘freshness’ of end-product
  • Identify pockets of yield-conscious & wellness-inclined farmers for premium offerings

Our Analytics Repertoire

  • Target Identification
    (by demographics, rural lifestyle, village infra & psychographics)
  • Market Prioritization
  • Progressive Index
  • Sales tagging down to Village / Habitation
  • Feeder Markets
  • Trade Network availability
  • Market Expansion spotting, briefing & tracking
  • Granular Segmentation by Crops grown or Farm size
  • Rural Personas