Mr. Suresh Pillai, our CEO, was a guest speaker at the Rural Market Growth Strategy Summit held in Mumbai on 8th & 9th of March, 2018.

Our key take-outs from other presentations - digital technology coupled with series of Governmental initiatives have greatly supplemented the sector's efforts to solve the crucial marketing aspect of Reach. Need for organizations to treat Rural as a distinct entity from Urbanized thinking & personnel, was emphasized. Trust and Credit are the two currencies which operate here.

We are, however, concerned about the underlying thought that Rural is ‘mysterious’ and taming it a daunting task. This appears to be a hangover of the 'data darkness' that existed vis-a-vis rural until recently.

Today, a powerful tool like BrandIdea Analytics – riding on granular data-science - can unravel Rural by defining - quantitatively and qualitatively - the

construct and contours of any rural market down to the last village or hamlet, on any parameter that the Marketer desires.

A focused and clear prioritization strategy, based on precision targeting using new analytical tools - has crunched the time to operationalize Rural. Long gestation to profits and out-of-reach geographies is history.