If there is one thing which is definite about marketing in today's consumer markets, it is the rapid pace of change. The medium & long-term don't exist - the short-term is all that matters. Only companies which are able to make meaningful and impactful marketing interventions and feverish turnarounds can hope to flourish and grow.
And to do this, they need to be empowered with actionable, meaningful insights through powerful marketing analytics - not just emanating from isolated analyses of internal data but those which give a wholistic view of markets.
This is where BrandIdea's robust, granular analytics platform - which meaningfully marry your internal sales data with external market data  - becomes a powerful tool for predictive and prescriptive analytics. Using advanced Data Science techniques, we generate visually-enriched granular analytics streams which are dynamic, deep and point to precise directions to help you to make the right decisions.
Critically, these analytics are granular - at the micro-market level thus creating a bottom-up, aggregating impact of customized marketing actions. So not only can you re-visit your decisions at short intervals to course-correct or shift priorities periodically, you can do so at every meaningful geo-location, creating the bedrock for growth
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